3 minute English – Colloquial Reductions


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    Hi guys and welcome to Youth English School’s 3 minute English. Today we’ll be talking about the speed of speech, or how fast or slow you sound when you speak English. I’d like to clarify one thing here though, that we don’t suggest you speak quickly all the time. You want people to understand you precisely, so there’s no need to rush what you have to say in formal settings like in a business conversation or a public presentation. But in informal colloquial spoken English, it would be pretty awkward if every one speaks at the pace of “Wha-t i-s yo-ur na-me?” in stead of a reduction “What’s your name?”. Also, when you speak fast, you don’t blur or hurry the important words or the key words in a sentence.

    Note that when you talk fast and run the words together, in stead of over-pro-noun-cing eve-ry sin-gle wo-rd, your speaking will become smooth and natural. So let’s practice a few colloquial reductions and word connections now.

    I have got to go. -----------------------------------------I’ve gotta go.
    I have got a book. -----------------------------------I’ve gotta book.
    Do you want to dance? -----------------------------------Wanna dance?
    Do you want a banana? -----------------------------------Wanna banana?
    Let me in. ----------------------------------------------Lemme in.
    Let me go. ----------------------------------------------Lemme go.
    I’ll let you know. ----------------------------------------I’ll letcha know.
    Did you do it? ----------------------------------------Dija do it?
    Not yet. ----------------------------------------------Na chet.
    I’ll meet you later. -----------------------------------I’ll meetchu layder.
    What do you think? -----------------------------------Whatddyu think?
    What did you do with it? -----------------------------Whatjoo do with it?
    How did you like it? -----------------------------------Howja like it?
    When did you get it? -----------------------------------When ju geddit?
    Why did you take it? -----------------------------------Whyju tay kit?
    Why don’t you try it? -----------------------------------Why don chu try it?
    What are you waiting for? -----------------------------Whatddya waitin’ for?
    What are you doing? -----------------------------------Whatcha doin’?
    How is it going? -----------------------------------------Howzit going?
    Where’s the what-you-may-call-it? -----------------------Where’s the whatchamacallit?
    Where’s what-is-his-name? -----------------------------Where’s whatsizname?
    How about it? -----------------------------------------How ’bout it?
    He has got to hurry because he is late. ------------------He’s gotta hurry ‘cuz he’s late.
    I could’ve been a contender. -----------------------------I could bina contender.
    Could you speed it up, please? -----------------------Couldjoo spee di dup, pleez?
    Would you mind if I tried it? -----------------------------Would joo mindifai try dit?
    Aren’t you Bob Barker? -----------------------------------Arnchoo Bab Barker?
    Can’t you see it my way for change? ------------------Kænchoo see it my way for a change?
    Don’t you get it? -----------------------------------------Doancha geddit?
    I should have told you. -----------------------------------I shoulda toljoo.
    Tell her (that) I miss her. -----------------------------Teller I miser.
    Tell him (that) I miss him. -----------------------------Tellim I missim.

    So that’s it for today’s 3 minute English. Bye bye.