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    Vietnamese college students’ strength lies in knowledge, specialization and hard skills, however, their Engligh skill is still in need of significantly intensive improvements. The fact that Banking and Finance field require remarkably high English level so incompetent second language capacity often results in missing International University admission chances or lucrative job offers.
    We – Banking Academy students are always in want of bettering and getting through; English, nevertheless, is still a huge obstacle due to little effective studying environment and exists the fact that perfunctory education in English brings no effects to students.

    English Club’s commencement is in the hope of developing an effective and standard English environment in order to help brush up and foster our students’ English abilities. In other words, involving in EC should support members' achievement in longterm career and personal life .

    • Proficient and well-qualified.
    • Academy accompanied with practice.
    • Team spirit and group skill.
    • Ceaselessly being creative and bettering ourselves.
    • Commited.
    • Aiming at the University’s students.
    • Friendly, enthusiastic, supportive.
    “We belong to an Eng-teractive world”


    • Develop EC into a dynamic and specialized English community.
    • Having broad association with Non-profit Organizations and other English organizations in
    Hanoi, creating a supportive and productive English environment for students.



    EC consists of 4 teams: Academic Team, External Realtionships Team, Human Resources Team and Public Relations Team, each of which has its own functions but all play important roles in EC's development.

    • Regular activities:
    - Discussions: For the purpose of providing a favourable environment for speaking English, EC has held a lot of discussions in which members raised their voices and show theirs opinions about a particular topic.
    - Outdoor activities are frequently held in order to creat a fresh environment for members to relax and speak English. They are great chances to refresh yourselves by playing games and speaking English outside.
    - Academic writing: by sending us your essays, you may improve your writing skills as we will give you comments on your grammar, vocabulary as well as ideas.
    - Radio Online Programs are recorded monthly, bringing you a lot of information on a wide range of topics.
    - Contests: Have you ever heard about EC Mind and EC Voice? These two are outstanding examples for the contests in which EC members showed not only their intelligence and logic thinking but also their beautiful voices with the desire to become excellent MCs.
    - Other activities: great opportunities for participants to know more about many different topics such as teamwork and pronounciation.

    • Organizing volunteer activities in order to teach English for the poor and disabled children.

    • Establishing relations to:
    - Other clubs in the university aiming at organizing big events and contests involving in
    - Other English Clubs in Hanoi.
    - Non-profit Organizations to gain information and have chances to take part in
    international activities.
    - Individuals to reinforce EC’s power and facilitate members and attendances.

    • Organizing the big events to keep up with planned strategies.

    If you have any enquiries about EC and EC's activities, please contact EC's president Pham Thi Minh Huyen on 0936 292 289 or via email: ec@engclubba.org

    Best regards,
    English Club, Banking Academy
    Website: http://www.engclubba.org
    Email: ec@engclubba.org
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