Alienware 13 OLED Review

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    ave seen the future of laptops, toshiba replacement battery and it is OLED. Alienware is the first gaming laptop manufacturer to embrace this truth, updating the company’s small, but powerful 13-inch laptop with a jaw-dropping 2560 x 1440 panel. It truly has to be seen to be believed. But the Alienware 13 (priced and reviewed at $1,299) is about more than its tear-inducing display; it also offers impressively loud audio, battery for laptop lightning-fast transfer speeds and serious graphics performance. This is the laptop to beat in the woefully underserved $1,000-$1,500 gaming laptop market.
    Editors’ Note: The version of the Alienware 13 review had a bug that prevented screen dimming, which didn’t allow us to properly run our battery test. We will update this review once that issue is resolved.
    The OLED panel Alienware promised in hp laptop battery January has finally arrived, and it was worth the wait, because it is simply sublime. Colors on the 2560 x 1440 panel are so vivid I could almost see them with my eyes closed. OK, maybe not that vibrant, but you get where I’m going with this.
    Watching the 4K version of the film Tears of Steel on the Alienware 13, I saw almost every joint, divot, gear and wire in the woman’s robot hand. Her auburn hair popped thanks to the emerald-green trees in the background. The sapphire blue on her jacket and neon pink accents on the pants seemed to glow.
    As I played Rise of the Tomb Raider, hp battery I took a long time just walking around the hidden village. Individual blades of yellow-green grass shifted realistically as Lara waded through to the top of a cliff. Crystal-clear water flowed over the zenith, sending out a fine spray of mist and culminating as a tempest of white froth at the bottom.
    The display’s color reproduction is just ridiculous, covering an insane 206 percent of the sRGB gamut (100 percent is excellent). This performance far surpassed the 87 percent category average as well as the Nitro Black (97 percent) and GL552 (93 percent).
    As incredibly vivid as the Alienware 13’s screen is, dell laptop battery the color accuracy is a bit off. The panel measured 2.2 on the Delta-E benchmark, with zero being ideal. The Nitro Black had a much better score of 1, and the GL552 registered 0.7.
    The panel is seriously bright, averaging 292 nits, which outshines the 243-nit mainstream average. The Nitro Black was a close second, with 289, nits while the GL552 emitted 273 nits.
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