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    [h=1]REAL ESTATE[/h]18/08/2012 | 19:00
    [h=2]3,REAL ESTATEWith more land, are we happier?

    Tara, the home of Scarlet, was always her beacon of hope. Totally desperate after the civil war and losing her beloveds, Scarlet strongly believed with Tara, everything would be back to where it was. Like her contemporaries, Scarlet and her family long cherished land and rested on it as a way to rebuild their confidence and promise the change in their lives. What’s about you?
    Land is per se not born, grown and disappears; nor does it make people become intelligent. Let’s consider the case of Jewish people who outwit others because of their knowledge, not the land- a property out of question for them. But why can’t human, for centuries, extricate themselves from bloody fights like the World War One and Two?

    There is perhaps the rationale for it. With land, human possess everything from the basic needs to ambitions to change the world. Individually, nobody wants to live in others’ space, even until death does them apart. The common sense is we are born on a land and breathe the last in a grave yard. And at the end of the day, after the rat race, you, I and we all yearn for private room where the individuality is sealed. It is again this crave for our own liberty that we want our land to be bigger, better and larger than life.

    Economically, land is a scarce and surplus-making commodity, rival and excludable, though apparently regarded as one of common resources. Along with land spawn the resources, such as oil, gold, diamond mines, all of which prosper our lives to a surprising extent; and vital hubs of traffic, facilitating pan-continental trading, namely, the renowned silk routes. It goes without saying that the more arcs a nation owns, the more powerful it grows.

    The real life, however, shows the opposite: the more blood it shed, more cries it heard, more revenge it resonated after generations. Today’s bigger Russia is also a more divided Russia. An America, the world’s roaring lion, has now found its voice trailing off in the cyclone of housing market.

    Vicissitudes of mankind’s history, after all, still stay undetached from ceaseless land battles. May God put an end to this! May all of us think of other ways to live other than vying to own more land to be richer, or to be above the Joneses!

    Timing: 25 minutes