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    Mình vừa mới tìm được cuộc thi này khá hay do Sea Education tổ chức. Đã bắt đầu từ 26/9/2016. Link tham dự: http:// Thông tin về cuộc thi:
    Chi tiết cuộc thi:
    Organised by SEA Education Consultants Vietnam and Aberystwyth University (UK)
    The competition is opened to every Vietnamese from the year of 17 and above in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby areas.
    The competition has two rounds:
    1. First round: Online English quiz to test participant's reading and writing skill as well as research skill.
    - Participants are required to complete 15 questions about Wales, Aberystwyth Town (UK) and Aberystwyth University - one of the oldest universities in UK - via Google search engine and the university website: Aberystwyth University - Home
    - They are also required to complete a short essay (100 words) at the end of the quiz.
    2. Second round: Speaking and Listening test
    - The best 10 participants who have the highest score in the first round shall be eligible for the entry to final round.
    - They will be tested their Speaking and Listening skill by a representative and alumnus from Aberystwyth University at SEA Education Consultants Vietnam's office.
    * There are a lot of valuable gifts and awards from Aberystwyth University for winners of each round.
    ** Participants will also get "Certificate of Participation" issued by SEA Education Consultants Vietnam and Aberystwyth University for joining the competition.
    *** Winners of each round will also get "Certificate of Achievement" issued by SEA Education Consultants Vietnam and Aberystwyth University.
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