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    Dear ECers,

    Due to some unavoidable reasons, the EC Voice contest will take place on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011, from 1:30 PM (instead of from 8:00 AM that has been announced to you before)

    We apologize for the change and regret any inconvenience it may have caused.

    The purpose of this contest is to find out potential speakers for not only radio online program but also for other EC's activities.

    We think that it will be a precious opportunity for all members to show your abilities in speaking fluently English.

    So, we hope that you can join us.


    Candidates' preparation:
    Each team (consisted of 2 members) has to write a script (.doc file) for a radio online program then send it to the email: hiengiangnguyen.ec@gmail.com before 12:00AM Friday April 1st, 2011.
    Content: a conversation about celebrations or arguable social problems. (You may refer to the first radio online episode if you want)
    The jury will select 3 teams which have the best and most creative scripts for the contest.
    If you can not find another member for your team, please send an email to hiengiangnguyen.ec@gmail.com as soon as possible, we will help you to form your team before starting writing script.
    If you have any enquiries about EC Voice, please contact Hien Giang:

    Hotline: 01696 222 660

    Email: hiengiangnguyen.ec@gmail.com

    Excited? Let us hear your voice!!!
    --- Tự động gộp bài ---
    EC Voice's winners revealed


    Following the success of "EC-mind", English Club brought you new challenges through another interesting contest, "EC-Voice", which is a good chance for all EC members to show their abilities in speaking and become broadcasters of Radio Online program as well as professional MCs for club's upcoming activities. It is undeniable that talents and efforts of three teams taking part in that exciting competition really impressed the attendants

    With a small warm up game, the most expected moment finally came with the three teams' performances. After Minh Thu - Thanh Long's presentation about "Earth Hours", Tu Anh - Ngoc Anh's and Hong Nhung - Le Thuan's gave everyone a lot of attractive information about April Fools' Day. By no means did the judges found it difficult to evaluate when all the teams were very excellent in the first round.

    Only by experiencing difficult challenges in the second round could three teams express their own activeness and imagination. The audiences were serious judges with hard questions to test their reflecting and behavioral skills in hypothetical situations. it was the audiences who give points for each team, also. Finishing this round persuasively, Tu Anh - Ngoc Anh and Hong Nhung - Le Thuan were the two teams made it to the next round.

    After relaxing with interesting IQs, the contestants started the final round which was thrilling and required the close concentration. The teams' responsibilities were to present their own ideas about the topic "Global Warming" shown in a short video in specified time. By virtue of attractive conversation, Tu Anh - Ngoc Anh were the winner with the highest points after 3 rounds.

    It is not because of the absence of some members that EC-Voice is not a helpful and enjoyable contest. This is a really precious opportunity for ECers to not only discover personal abilities but also practice confidence and necessary skills.