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    Love is not just a word, it is a beautiful emotion. It is not limited to human beings but it can be in any form, with any form. Some love God, some have love for nature, some love gadgets, some have passion for man-machines. But it seems these days people are forgetting the meaning of love altogether. That emotion is slowly ruined by the fast-moving life of human race. Love is devotion and if you want to practice that devotion then you have to spend time with that. Love is not by being together or seeing each other everyday.

    Love is in your heart, the care you show for the person you are in love with. Love is in the small things you do for the people you care so that you can see that one smile on their faces for the efforts done by you. Love is giving, the more you give the more you receive. But never give it with an expectation of anything in return. If you expect then love has a power to hurt you. If you get whatever you have given in your relationship then be satisfied with that. Do not crib for what you don’t have.

    There are people who have lost their loved ones and now they do not have any chance to call them back. But they still love those whom they have lost. Sometimes you miss your chance by waiting for love to come to you. Do not wait just keep on giving as much as you can to the ones in need and to those who are deprived of this emotion. Find love in doing small things for others. Help those in need, show them your kindness and care.

    Have you ever noticed a smile on the face of a child after he gets a thing of his choice? If not, then go and check out. That smile brings a relief to the giver that someone is happy with a small effort done. It takes a very small effort to spread love; you just need a loving heart within yourself.

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    love this. you are true when saying that we shouldn't wait for love to come. we'd better create them ourself and show our love as much as we can right now!
    thank you for the significant writing :)

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