Fly over the sky [Sunday, May 8th,2011]

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    Have you ever been to New York? Or Japan?

    Are you interested in carnivals, festivals and tradition of all nations in the world?

    And do you want to show your wide knowledge through some mini games as well as to get it?


    Let's join us in the regular activity named "Fly over the sky" on this Sunday afternoon. We will bring you an activity about culture which promises very interesting and useful things ahead.

    Time: 1:45 pm Sunday, May 8th, 2011

    Place: Academy of Banking, 12 Chua Boc Street

    There will be a birthday party for EC members who were born in May. Come and celebrate their birthdays! This communication takes place of invitation letter
    For more information, please contact Khanh Hoa on hotline 0128 727 0959 or by email

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