[Galec 2 English Club] Workshop: FACEBOOK, 15/9/2011


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    It’s time to improve your English while having a lot of fun through many Facebook- related activities

    Part 1: Warm-up game (15 mins): Word search puzzle
    Two teams standing in 2 lines. There will be two word search worksheets on the board. Members will work together to find as many Facebook- related words as possible in 5 minutes. The team who can find out more will win.
    Part 2: Interesting vocabulary (15 mins)
    Each group has 5 minutes for discussion. After that the host will spells some word and members from 2 groups will raise their hands to explain the meanings of the words. For each correct explanation, the group gets one points. The winner is the one who has more points.
    Part 3: Chatting and sharing (30 mins)
    • What is the best thing about Facebook?
    • What is your most favorite status?
    • What would you do if from tomorrow there were no Facebook?
    Part 4: Connecting activity (20 mins)
    Each person will have one minute to write a status that you think is the best description of you without writing your name on it. Then you will work in groups to match the name of other members in other groups with their status. Let’s see how much you understand your friends 

    Time: 6h30-8pm, Thurs 15th September 2011
    Place: Room 3.2, Youth English School, No. 1, Lane 192 Thai Thinh, Hanoi (next to Thai Thinh Petroluem station)
    Note: Park your motorbikes/bikes at Viettin Bank, 196 Thai Thinh
    Contact: Mr Dao: 01663910495
    Hope to see you then!
    Thanks and best regards,