[Galec 2 English Club] Workshop: MUSIC, 22/9/2011


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    Hi friends,
    Music is one important part of our live. Thanks to music, we can enjoy an interesting life full of various and exciting melodies which can cheer our soul when we are happy and refresh us when we are tired.
    Let’s come to Galec 2’s workshop of the topic Music to:
    +) share your ideas of your favorite kind of music and favorite singer/band
    +) expand your vocabulary of music
    +) make friends
    Please take a look at the schedule of the workshop:
    Part 1: Warm up (15 minutes)
    Playing in silence
    Part 2: Free talk (20 minutes)
    +) What is your favourite kind of music? Why do you like it?
    +) Who is your favorite singer or music band? Which song of his/hers do you like the most?
    Part 3: Let’s compose (30 minutes)
    +) Make up a CRAZY story using NAMES of any songs, any singers you know
    +) The more NAMES your group has in the story, the better chance for you to become the winner
    Part 4: Music word search (25 minutes)

    Time: 6h30-8pm, Thurs 22nd September 2011
    Place: Room 3.2, Youth English School, No. 1, Lane 192 Thai Thinh, Hanoi (next to Thai Thinh Petroluem station)
    Note: Park your motorbikes/bikes at Viettin Bank, 196 Thai Thinh
    Contact: Mr Dao: 01663910495
    Hope to see you then!
    Thanks and best regards,
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