[Galec 2 English Club] Workshop: Teen Language, 14/7/2011


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    Hi beloved friends,
    Kids now spend hours sending text messages from his/her phone and instant messages from his/her computer using a lot of Teen Words like Gut Nite (Good night), pp (bye bye), and so on. But, do you fully understand what they mean? What are your opinions on that language trend of teens? Just come and join the workshop where you can:
    - Improve your vocabulary of teens and share your ideas on Teen Language issue
    - Practice speaking English
    - Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of GALEC 2 club with funny and humorous friends
    And what’s more? Enjoy light snack which is all served free ^ ^
    Especially, the LUCKIEST person in the workshop has the chance to receive a very CUTE gift from Galec 2
    Please take an eye on the schedule of the workshop:
    Teen language
    I. Game (15 mins)
    1. Guest the kind of jobs
    2. Symbols
    II. Free talk (20 mins)
    1. What’s teen language?
    2. Some words of teen language?
    III. Teen language should be encouraged (30-group discussion+ 25 mins- debate)
    Divide the whole class into 2 teams, including the agreed one and the disagreed one with the above statement. 2 these groups will give their reasons to support their ideas.

    Time: 6h30-8pm, Thurs 14th July 2011
    Place: Room 3.2, Youth English School, No. 1, Lane 192 Thai Thinh, Hanoi (next to Thai Thinh Petroluem station)
    Note: Park your motorbikes/bikes at Viettin Bank, 196 Thai Thinh
    Contact: Mr Dao: 01663910495
    Hope to see you then!
    Thanks and best regards,