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    1. The role of the ear is............. acoustic

    disturbances into neural signals suitable for transmission to the brain.

    (A) to code

    (B) so that coded

    (D) it coding

    2. The imagist movement in poetry arose
    during the second decade of the twentiethcentury........... against romanticism,

    (A) when a revolt

    (B) as a revolt

    (C) a revolt was

    (D) that a revolt

    3. Virtually........... species have biological

    clocks that regulate their metabolism over a 24-hour period.

    (A) all there are

    (B) all

    (C) all are

    (D) they all

    4. According to United States criminal law,insanity may relieve a person from theusual legal consequences ...............

    (A) what his or her acts have

    (B) of his or her acts are

    (C) of his or her acts

    (D) what of his or her acts

    5. In addition to--------- a place where

    business deals are made, a stock exchange collects statistics, publishes price quotations, and sets rules and standards for trading.

    (A) being

    (B) it is

    (C) that which

    (D) where is

    6. The first inhabitants of the territories

    ........ Canada came across the Bering

    Strait and along the edge of the Arctic ice.

    (A) make up that now

    (B) make up nowthat (C) that make up now

    (D) that now make up

    7. ------ need for new schools following the

    Second World War that provided the sustained thrust for the architectural program in Columbus, Indiana.

    (A) Since the

    (B) To be the

    (C) The

    (D) It was the

    8. The soybean contains vitamins, essential

    minerals,........... high percentage of


    (A) a

    (B)and a

    (C) since a

    (D) of which a

    9. Hail is formed when a drop of rain iscarried by an updraft to an altitude where to freeze it.

    (A) is the air cold enough

    (B) the air cold enough

    (C) the cold enough air

    (D) the air is cold enough

    10. Geometrically, the hyperbolic functions

    are related to the hyperbola,.............. the

    trigonometric functions are related to the circle.

    (A) just as

    (B) same

    (C) similar to

    (D) and similar

    11. ........ , Kilauea is one of the world's most

    active volcanoes, having erupted dozens of times since 1952.

    (A) The big island of Hawaii's location

    (B) Locates the big island of Hawaii

    (C) Located on the big island of Hawaii

    (D) On the big island of Hawaii's

    12. Not until the eighteenth century------------

    the complex chemistry of metallurgy

    (A) when scientists began to appreciate

    (B) did scientists begin to appreciate

    (C) scientists who were beginning to

    (D) the appreciation of scientists began

    13........... 1810, water-powered textile

    manufacturing arrived in New Hampshire with the founding of a company in Manchester that manufactured cotton and wool.

    (A) Early

    (B) In the early

    (C) As early as

    (D) When early

    14. The settings of Eudora Welty's stories

    may be rather limited, but................ about

    human nature is quite broad.

    (A) exposes

    (B) exposes that

    (C) she exposes

    (D) what she exposes

    15. Lichens grow extremely well in very plants can cold parts of the world survive.

    (A) where few other

    (B) few others

    (C) where do few others

    (D) there are few others

    16.The pear tree has simple, oval leaves that are smoother and shinier than them of the

    A B C D


    17.In the orbit of a planet around the Sun, the point closest to the Sun is called it the

    A B C D


    18.In the early 1900’s, Roy Harris created and promoted a distinctly American style of

    A B C

    classical music and greatly influenced a number of composer in the United States.


    19.The eighteenth century witnessed the emergence of North American ports,


    particular Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, as major commercial centers within the

    B C D

    British empire.

    20.Guitarlike instruments have exist since ancient times, but the first written mention

    A B C

    of the guitar itself is from the fourteenth century.


    21.The law of biogenesis is the principle what all living organisms are derived from a

    A B C

    parent or parents.


    22.Onyx is a mineral that can be recognized its regular and straight parallel bands of

    A B C

    white, black, or brown.


    23.There are as many as 200 million insects for every human beings, and in fact their

    A B

    total number exceeds that of all other animals taken together.

    C D

    24.Native to South America and cultivated there for thousands of years, the peanut

    A B

    is said to have introduced to North America by early explorers.

    C D

    25.Originally canoes were made by the hollowing out of logs and used were for combat

    A B C

    as well as transport.


    26.Among the symptoms of measles, which takes about twelve days to incubate, are a high

    A B C

    fever, swelling of glands in the neck, a cough, and sensitive to light.


    27.Ice crystals in a glacier tends to melt and recrystallize within a brief moment of travel

    A B C D

    on a downhill glide.

    28.Photograph was revolutionized in 1851 by the introduction of the collodion process

    A B C

    for making glass negatives.


    29.The piano is a stringed musical instrument in which the strings are strike by

    A B C

    felt-covered hammers controlled by a keyboard.


    30.The sounds used in human languages to create meaning consist of small variation in

    A B

    air pressure can be sensed by the ear.

    C D

    31.The mountains, especially the Rocky Mountains, formerly constituted a seriously

    A B

    barrier to east-west trade in British Columbia.

    C D

    32.Telescope are frequently used in astronomy to collect light from a celestial object,

    A B

    bring the light into focus, and producing a magnified image.

    C D

    33.Diamond is the hardest known substance, so diamond can be cut only by another

    A B C D


    34.There are about 350 species and subspecies of birds in danger of become extinct,

    A B

    with a large number of them, 117 in all, found on oceanic islands.

    C D

    35.The nineteenth-century romantic movement in art was partially a reaction to what

    A B C

    was perceived as overemphasis on reasonable and order in neoclassicism.


    36.Like triglycerides, cholesterol is a type of fat that is both consumed in the diet but

    A B C D

    manufactured by the body.

    37.Both the United States silver dollar and half-dollar, first minted in 1794, had a figure

    A B C

    of Liberty on one side and a eagle on the reverse side.


    38.For an advertisement to be effective, its production and placement must to be based

    A B C

    on a knowledge of human nature and a skilled use of the media.


    39.While photosynthesis in green plants, light energy is captured and used to convert

    A B C

    water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds.


    40.The Democratic Party, the most oldest existing political party in the United States,

    A B

    has played a vital role in the nation’s history.
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