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    After a busy and exciting preparation, the English Club's workshop "An Eng-teractive World" took place on 2nd November 2010 at the Big Hall of Banking Academy.


    Although it was held in the evening, it still attracted the participation of students. Every seat in the Hall was taken when the workshop started.


    The weather outside the Hall was a bit cold but the atmosphere inside the Hall was incredibly cozy. The seminar went excitingly with special performances featuring many of English Club's members. The audiences enjoyed the English songs, some performances of guitar and rap, and the highlight of the show was Long's fascinating magic show.


    This was the first workshop hold by English Club on this scale as well as the event introducing the club to other clubs and the students in Banking Academy. Therefore, to start the workshop, Mr. Duc, the president of the Banking Academy's Student Union, read the decision to establish English Club. After that, it was a brief speech from Ms. Minh Huyen, the president of our English Club

    There was the participation of the teachers, students and three invitees, Le Na, who is an IELTS teacher and the president of the SEAMAP club; the representative of International volunteer organization - VPV and the International Students Organization AIESEC. All of them work in an English environment so they could give students appropriate methods and the motivation to learn English. It was very different compared to the previous English workshops. The students asked a plenty of questions about learning English and how to work for International organizations such as VPV and AIESEC. The invitees, especially Ms. Le Na shared and answered the questions with her sense of humor. She emphasized the confidence and the practice of speaking English. The answers of invitees attracted students and left unforgettable impression on them.

    The workshop was held successfully. Thanks to it, the English Club was introduced to everyone officially. Furthermore, it helps our students find out the motivation and the methods in learning English. In the future, EC will give you more useful activities to with the hope of improving our students' English learning.