IELTS Essay, topic: Should tobacco be prohibited?


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    IELTS Essay, topic: Should tobacco be prohibited?

    Should the same laws which prohibit the sale and consumption of heroin be applied to tobacco? Discuss.

    Recently, a heated debate arouse when a few reputable health organizations suggested the application of a similar act of heroin selling and usage prohibition _. In this assay, I will analyze why the adoption of such a law could be a breakthrough in our youngsters’ safety, according to my vision.

    Firstly, tobacco does not differ much from heroin when it comes to the addictive effect. Nicotine , the active ingredient in tobacco, exerts its effect by acting directly on smoker’s brain cells. Numerous experiments carried out by scientist on animals, specially rats, proved that this toxic chemical does lead by time to dependency, just similarly to the effect experienced with heroin.

    Secondly, the restriction on cigerattes selling would surely show an instant decline in tobacco smoking. ” Having easy access to cigarettes puts a tremendous pressure, especially on teenagers,to resist such a temptation” Dr.Hisham , head of Psychology department at Alexandria Medical college , states firmly. “Giving the new generation the sense that the severity of smoking is equivalient to other lethal drugs usage would be a life saving step, they will thank us for as they get older.” he continues.

    To recapitulate, applying of a futuristic law such as the suggested one will definitely have a positive impact ,not only on young people’s health but on our society as a whole.

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