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English Club_BA7/7/11

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    Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
    _Henry Ford.
    Teams always recognize itself as a useful machine in achieving organizations goals. This is because of its characteristics which influence the performance of the organization. We can see in a team there will be different members involving in working toward its goals. Each people is the unique one who has different individual skills as well as behaviors. Team work gives a synergy mixing of these people.


    As you know, this Sunday afternoon we will bring you an activity focused on teamwork as teamwork skill is essential and we hope that through "One of a kind" EC members can understand each other better to maximize your abilities and achieve our goals!

    Time: 1:45 Sunday, April 17th,2011
    Place: Banking Academy

    Note: there will be a birthday party for EC members born in March and April, let's join and celebrate their birthdays!!!

    For futher information, please contact Xuan Kien on 0988 614 472 or by email
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