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    The target of learning English is to enable learners to communicate in the language. It is expected that the students have ability in four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Among the factors which are necessary for good English skills, pronunciation is a very important one and a lot of Vietnamese students are facing difficulties in improving it.

    Have you ever thought that you do not have time and opportunities to practice English naturally?

    Have you ever wanted to sing an English song beautifully but do not have any confidence in your pronunciation?

    If so, come with us. Share every problem with us and join us.

    We will help you realize your problems in order to find the solutions through some interesting games and activities. Also, you may receive feedback on your pronunciation from other members.

    Time: 2:00 PM Sunday, April 10th 2011

    Place: Banking Academy

    For further information, please contact Quang Minh:

    Hotline: 01656 053 089