Report Childhood Workshop (10/11) của CLB tiếng Anh Galec 2


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    Time: 6h30-8pm, Thursday 11/10/2011
    Place: Room 4.2, Youth English School, No 1, Lane 192 Thai Thinh street

    As we promised in the introduction, Childhood workshop had tons of fun 

    The program started with an interesting warm-up game, in which all members passed a cake onto the next person until the music ended. Whoever was keeping the cake at that time had to give a brief personal introduction. Through this game, all the new and old members got to know each other.

    Introducing yourself when the music stoped Childhood/111110_192021.jpg

    Then came the funny game “I need I need”. After the MC said she need something, all of the four groups have to try hard to get that thing as fast as possible. And the most exciting thing being wanted is “a boy hugging a girl”  - Great time for everybody

    I need a coat! Childhood/111110_185515.jpg

    The MC then guided people to share their funniest stories, and in this part, we came up with many wonderful childhood memories!

    Listening to a funny childhood memory Childhood/111110_191818.jpg

    Sharing Childhood/111110_190709.jpg

    As it a day for games, everybody also had chance to come back to a common game “Rock, paper, scissors”. Two group tried to won in the game so that they had chance to guess the letter in a secret sentence written on the board. Finally, team 2 found out the two sentences” Childhood is full of laughing” and “ people in Galec Club are wonderful” - Nice job!

    Discussing to guess the sentence Childhood/111110_190612.jpg

    The final part brought lots of surprise, everybody used their imagination to create a story started with “ Once upon a time…”. The result of this part is a great story with the Princess Van Anh, the secret hunter, the prince, the birds, the step mother, etc. With the help of very nice people from Galec, the princess finally could live happily with the Prince after many difficulties!

    Princess Van Anh Childhood/111110_191907.jpg
    Discussing to save the life of the Princess Childhood/111110_184201.jpg

    Finding an idea for the story! Childhood/111110_191752.jpg

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