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  1. clbtienganhgalec New Member

    Time: 6h30-8h30 Thursday 23/08/2012
    Place: Smartlink English Center, No3, Lane 196, Thai Thinh

    Although Homosexual was a quite difficult topic, we still had an interesting warm up game – vocabulary game. Members were divided into 2 groups. MC read the definition of topic-related words and after that groups had to clap exactly that word on the board.

    “Move to other sex” – transgender.
    After finishing the game, we moved to the next part - Free talk. Members worked in groups of four or five in order to share their ideas and discussed the given questions.


    “What do you think about love between homosexual?”
    Presentation and Q&A were excitedly welcomed. Because of the plenty of opinions about acceptation homosexual people, some arguments occurred. Members wanted to refer their point of view.

    The last part “Group work” was debating with question: Should government allow homosexual people to get married. Some people agreed, while others denied it based on their given reasons.

    “I suppose the opinion Government should allow homosexual people to get married, because homosexual people could diversify our world.”


    A member argued that: “It could make bad effect on the next generation”.

    Thank you to all guys for joining. All of you were integral part that created a perfect workshop. We hope to see you next week.

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    Place: Smartlink English Center, No3, Lane 196, Thai Thinh

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