Report of Listening skill Workshop (21/7) of Galec 2 Englishclub


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    Time: 6h30-8pm, Thursday 21st July 2011
    Place: Youth English School, No 1, Lane 192, Thai Thinh street, Hanoi
    The program of several parts did bring an English speaking environment relaxation and satisfaction for participants. It was so interesting and funny that no one could stop laughing and enjoying their time.
    The MC first organized an interesting Game “Then” to help attendees gain more energy for next parts. In this game, everyone has to listen carefully to their friends to make up a story of so many stuff ideas. David Achuletta is coming to Vietnam next month……He bought me an ice-cream in Trang Tien street……He is coming to Vietnam to find a second wife….
    I want to become his wife….

    After that the MC guides participants to jump in Free Talk part to have a general idea on differences between listening and hearing. In addition, people also get the chance to discover more about listening types such as informative listening, Understood-nothing listening, and so on.

    Now, they come to a competition among 5 participants; that is Repetition Contest. 5 of them all have a good memory, so all of them are Winners of the Contest.

    In the group discussion, participants are divided into 3 groups talking 3 different topics: What makes a good listener?, Strategies of listening and role-playing: Where to go on holidays. They all enjoy good time talking, playing and acting in English.
    Mr Quang is the luckiest guy of the workshop today to receive a CUTE gift of Galec 2