Report of Teen Language Workshop (14/7) of Galec 2 club


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    Teen language

    The workshop today was quite special, because many new and old members still came to Galec 2 club although it was raining all the day. They are very industrious persons, I think so! ;))
    The workshop was so interesting with the hot and attractive topic- teen language. At first, people began with the dancing game. It warmed up the atmosphere and members’ emotions.


    And next all discussed the teen language deeply such as, features and reasons why teenagers would like to use teen language. Then, we tried to guest the correct meaning of some sentences written in teen language like
    Chj? t4y l3^n tr0*j` h4^n. +)0*j` z0^ +)0^j"

    Ukm.Pjt uj.Kaka.Ok.Tke naz.Co j tj t alo cko hak.Pjpj m naz

    Hum ni là 14-2 đéy pà kon ạ, đư pợn na dwc twng hoa kua! Ko 1 fan twng hoa jo min nen thay zui zui…

    They seemed to be easy to be understood, but in fact we got the difficulty in getting their meanings.


    Mr. Huong and Mr. Minh were trying to translate the sentence of teen language into the traditional Vietnamese.

    And the audiences paid much attention to them. The atmosphere became very quite!;)) Then all were divided into 2 teams so that they could fight with each other in the questing-game with many interesting sentences such as
    No table - miễn bàn
    Sugar i i go, sugar you you go - đường em em đi, đường anh anh đi
    I wanna toilet kiss you- anh muốn cầu hôn em
    Know die now - Biết chết liền
    Ugly tiger- Xấu hổ

    …….and with the debate part

    Team 1


    In debating session, Ms. Hien showed that she was so creative, flexible and really smart ^^ She was deserved to be the super- girl in protecting her ideals ;))))

    It is the reason why team 2 was completely defeated by team 1 through a lot of persuasive ideas.

    Finally, Ms. Ha was one extremely lucky member of Galec 2 club this week because she picked up one piece with the congratulation “ you are so lucky” and got one very cute present from the club.
    Note: From this week, Galec 2 decided to organize a lucky game in the end of each workshop and to offer a present to anyone who is elected by lucky pieces.

    The workshop was finished with a beautiful picture >;D<