Report Vietnamese Teachers' Workshop (17/11) của CLB tiếng Anh Galec 2


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    Time: 6h30-8pm, Thursday November 17th 2011
    Place: Room 4.2, Youth English School, No 1, Lane 192 Thai Thinh street

    On Nov. 17th, we Galec 2 presented to our members a workshop to honor the upcoming Vietnamese teachers’ day – Nov. 20th.
    We opened our program by a warm-up game named “Broken telephone”. This game always brings about players a lot of surprise and fun. This time was not an exception. We gave two teams the same sentence and they whispered to other members’ ears until the end of the line. Yet, they seemed to talk on a “broken telephone”. The final sentences written on the board made players burst out of laughing. They were totally changed.
    Next, we had a discussion about the topic: teacher.
    Members shared a lot about the memories they had with their teachers. They also talked about teachers as a motivator in their student lives. Indeed, great teachers leave us deep impression and influence us a lot.
    We also have time do some creative works.
    Members had chances to compose a song, write a poem, draw a picture or design a “Bao tuong” to honor the great day. Members are amazed at their own products. They were so talented and imaginative. In such a short 15- minute time, they presented to us great ideas with unique works.
    The final part is to improve listening kill. We listened to a piece of jazz chant. Members wrote the transcript and read it. Actually, they turn it into reading a poem and rapping. It was really funny.
    Finally, we don’t forget to celebrate Mr. Nam’s birthday. He was so lucky to have his birthday that day. Best wishes to Mr. Nam!

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    up . ???? nhưng mà ai nói tiếng việt cho mình hiểu mới