The Best Laptops for Business and Productivity


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    The screen registered just 184 nits, laptop battery for asus a measure of brightness, on our light meter, which is just a bit more than half of the category average (307) and at least 30 percent dimmer than its nearest competitor, the Portege A30t. However, the matte panel seemed more than luminous enough while I was using it, and it provided wide viewing angles, with colors fading only slightly at 90 degrees to the left and right.
    In the video, fine details such as the wrinkles in Robert Downey Jr.’s forehead weren’t as sharp as on higher-resolution laptops we’ve tested. More importantly for productivity workers, having only 768 pixels of vertical screen real estate means you can see about 30 percent less content above the fold than on a 1080p screen. Forget about stacking windows side-by-side, asus laptop charger as this screen has only 1366 pixels of horizontal space.
    The ThinkPad X260’s bottom-facing speakers provide audio output that’s mostly accurate, if not overly rich. When I played Deep Purple’s guitar-heavy “Smoke on the Water” and Chic’s bass-centric “Dance, Dance, Dance,” the percussion was a little tinny but vocals and other laptop battery asus instruments were clear, though a little flat. At maximum volume, sound was loud enough to fill a medium-size living room, but putting the system on my lap muffled the audio a bit.
    A Dolby Audio app comes preloaded to help you tweak the equalizer settings. The program offers presets for music, movies, voice calls and games, but I found the Dynamic profile, which adjusts automatically, laptop battery for lenovo provided the best results.
    Keyboard, TrackPoint and Touchpad
    The ThinkPad X260’s spill-resistant keyboard is comfortable, with snappy, well-spaced keys whose smile-shaped curves make them easy to target by feel. On the typing test, lenovo battery life I achieved a solid 94 words-per-minute rate, which is typical for me, but with a slightly higher than normal 5.7 percent error rate.

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