VietnamWorks cần tuyển Business Development Management

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    We are looking for a strong, savvy Business Development Manager who will be a key leader in the VietnamWorks’ sales management team. Your role will be to enhance VietnamWorks’ market leading position and bring it to the next level by:
    - Carrying out research, market analysis and preparing business development plans to win new customers and expand market share to grow the company’s revenue.
    - Working with and developing the current prospect database within specified business sectors and expanding across geographical segments to generate effective leads and exceed sales targets for the business.
    - Pro-actively finding new organizations and establishing communications with those businesses that can benefit from our Company’s services.
    - Leading a team of highly motivated and high-performing sales professionals, including all aspects: recruiting, coaching, supervising, and motivating them so that they can excel in their assignments.
    For more information : Job requirement
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