What The Rock Really Wants Download Jumanji Fans To Understand About His New Movie


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    The Rock just finished filming Fast 8 but he's already off to get going on his next film. Now, he's even more excited to get started, now that fans are apparently excited, by the news he broke last week. After much speculation regarding The Rock's upcoming Jumanji film, the actor recently informed fans that the movie he's working on is not a remake or a reboot, but actually a sequel, that will follow from the events of the original Robin Williams film. In the most recent Instagram post from Dwayne Johnson, he seems to almost apologize for not telling fans sooner, as many more people now seem excited for the project based on this news.

    Lots of positive chatter now on something I should've clarified months ago when we announced we were making JUMANJI. This new movie will NOT be a remake or reboot of the original. It will be a CONTINUATION of the awesome JUMANJI adventure 20 years later.

    Plans for a new Jumanji movie have been around for literally download years. From the time that the idea first saw the light of day, it was being presented as a remake. For that reason, when The Rock's production company picked up the project recently, it seemed that he was just picking up the existing remake idea. A few days ago, when he officially announced he had wrapped filming on Fast 8 he happened to mention, almost as an aside, that the Jumanji film would be a "continuation" not a remake or reboot. It now appears this was the right call, as people are at least a bit more excited for it now.

    The Rock Jumanji
    Prior to this, Dwayne Johnson had made reference to the film honoring the character of Alan Parish, and by extension, actor Robin Williams, although there were no details given about exactly how this was going to happen. It now seems that this was the plan. By making the new film follow the original there is some opportunity for the movie to retrace the footsteps of Alan Parish. If any part of the movie actually takes place within the game where Alan Parish spent years trapped, a likely possibility, maybe they will see the places that he spent his time.

    Jumanji will co-star The Rock's new favorite partner in crime, Kevin Hart, along with Jack Black. Beyond that, little else is known about the plot, although, I'm still expecting that the new Jumanji will be a video game rather than a board game, as most of The Rock's social media posts about the film include #JustPressStart. Although, to be fair, this new one does not.

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