Which man should she marry?

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    We are now not facing the end of the world anymore!!! (remember the topic on the last discussion?)

    So what's up next? Here's what you are gonna discuss:

    Which man should she marry?

    Read an consider

    Approximately 2.5 million couples get married in the United States every year. Some couples get married quickly while other couples take a long time to decide.

    You work for Rocky Mountain Marriage Counselors, located in Denver, Colorado. Every day people come to you for marriage counseling. You try to help them choose a husband or wife.

    Today, Susan Carson has come to you for advice. She believes that it is time for her to get married. She knows five men. All of the men would like to marry her.

    Read Susan's biography carefully. Help her decide whom to marry.

    Susan Carson
    Age: 29 years old

    Job: Policewoman ($24,000/yr)

    Height: 165cm

    Weight: 50kg

    Hobbies: Hunting, weightlifting, playing piano

    Personality: Quiet and shy

    Wanna know who those 5 men are? Join our discussion to find out!


    Counselors: People who have been trained to advise them with problems, especially personal problems.
    Weightlifting: the sport or activity of lifting heavy weights
    Brusque: using very few words and sounding rude
    To be divorced: To be no longer married
    Criminology: The scientific study of crime and criminals
    Saturday 26th March / Sunday 27th March (date will be informed later)

    2:00 P.M - 5:00 P.M

    H Building, Banking Academy
    --- Tự động gộp bài ---
    The discussion "Which man should she marry?", as being scheduled, took place at Room C6, Banking Academy on Saturday, 26th March, 2011. Not only was this the first time the punishment for people coming late had been used to maintain the professional working style of all members but also was the first discussion with new members' participation.


    Beginning with two exciting warm-up games about letters, the discussion really attracted all the people's attention. After that, everyone was divided into 5 groups discussing together. With an impressive name "Which man should she marry?", people attending can understand partially the content of the discussion. The situation was presented through a funny video made by EC's members (http://vimeo.com/21525596): Susan Carson, a 29-year-old woman, desires to have a happy family after being single for a long time. However, so many men are there around her that it is very difficult for Susan to choose. Five men who want to marry her all have very different personalities with both good and bad points, which put Susan into troubles and she needs an advice.


    As counselors, each team had to choose one man who can be the most suitable husband for Susan from these five ones. Giving opinions and adequate explanations for their choices, five teams tried their best to protect their own ideas against others. The discussion became more and more exciting with different advices and persuasive arguments of professional consultants coming from English Club.

    Despite having some problems in the last minutes, the discussion generally drew all participants' interests. With no completely correct answer, only Susan knows who will be her final choice. This discussion not only gave us favorable conditions for practicing speaking English and improving self-confidence but also provided us with more interesting information. EC, in hope of bringing to you an enjoyable English environment, will try to develop the positive side and eliminate the drawbacks of this discussion.

    Please send us your feedback on the discussion to:

    Email: ec@engclubba.org
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