Workshop "IELTS and studying abroad" with the IELTS examiner from the British Council

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    After the success of the workshop "An Eng-teractive World", English Club has made an effort to give you more quality programs. We hope to respond to the Banking Academy student's urgent demand for English.


    English Club, The Educational Company (TEC), Toplearn International, and the British Council are holding the next workshop "IELTS and studying abroad" on 3th March 2011.

    With the presence of the best experts, we hope to provide you a lot of useful information and answer your questions about IELTS and studying abroad.

    18:00PM - 21:00PM, Thursday, 3th March 2011

    Room H505, 5th Floor, H Building, Banking Academy

    No. Presenters
    Ms. Jack Dyer - A consultant on studying in England from TEC

    Chances to gain scholarships from Bristol University, Bath University, Leads Metropolitan University, Leicester University and Kingston University.
    Process to submit the application and apply for scholarships.
    4 Ms. Nguyễn Thúy Lan - Teacher of Toplearn who got 8.5 points in IELTS exam
    Experiences to learn and have high score at IELTS
    5 Mr. David Greene - Expert of IELTS from the British Council
    Information about the IELTS exam
    Ask-and-answer part
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    Hotline: 01688737082

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