Luyện Thi TOEIC PART 1 | Toeic Listening Test

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  1. Toeic Listening Test Practice With Answers | Part 1- Pratice 1

    1). Autobahn

    • (A) Traffic is building up on the motorway.
    • (B) There are more lorries on this motorway than cars.
    • (C) Traffic is flowing freely on the motorway.
    • (D) The vehicles are travelling too close to one another on the motorway.

    2). B

    • (A) There are more craft on the water than there are cars on the road.
    • (B) This photo shows us a busy rush hour scene.
    • (C) Most of the buildings in the picture are typical domestic residences.
    • (D) There is no evidence of any people walking in the photo.

    3). A

    • (A) The white car looks as if it is going to overtake the yellow car.
    • (B) The skyscrapers in the picture are under the bridge.
    • (C) Several people can be seen trying to cross the road.
    • (D) It looks as if it is going to rain.

    4). C

    • (A) People are trying to cross the road.
    • (B) The buildings are all brightly coloured.
    • (C) The cyclist on the left is riding a pedal cycle.
    • (D) There are six arches visible in the picture.

    5). D

    • (A) All the people in the motorboats are waving their arms.
    • (B) The water is deep green in colour.
    • (C) All the motorboats are clearly visible.
    • (D) You can only see four boats clearly.

    6). B

    • (A) There are two women to be seen in the photo.
    • (B) You can see one man getting off the tram.
    • (C) You can see one man getting on the tram.
    • (D) There are two men wearing red in the photo.

    7). A

    • (A) No one is sitting on the seats on the top of the bus.
    • (B) The bus has three decks.
    • (C) The trees are full of leaves.
    • (D) Someone is using the telephone in one of the kiosks.

    8). D

    • (A) Everyone is walking away from the camera.
    • (B) The woman in the white jacket has short hair.
    • (C) You can see blue sky at the top of the picture.
    • (D) No one in the picture is running.

    9). C

    • (A) The air hostess is sitting down.
    • (B) The air hostess is talking to the passengers.
    • (C) You cannot see anyone sitting in the seats.
    • (D) The seats in the plane are all bright red.

    10). A

    • (A) The two people in the picture are looking at the screen on a laptop.
    • (B) The two people in the picture are watching television.
    • (C) The man is looking miserable.
    • (D) The woman is shaking hands with the man.